How it works

How it works

How a skiing lesson is performed

Get to know how a skiing or snowboarding lesson takes place before you come to us. Each lesson consists of an introductory introduction, then continues on the slope - an introduction to the terrain and conditions, equipment control and an introductory theory by level. Get acquainted with the course of the lesson through this article.

Contact us and book a lesson

Current contacts (telephone number, email) are published on this page, where you can contact us if you are interested in a lesson, but also with any questions. We will be happy to answer them. Don't be afraid to contact us.

Ako prebieha lekcia lyžovania
How a skiing lesson is performed

Lesson starts (on the slope of the ski school)

The Ždiar Slodičák Skischool ski school is intended for both adult skiers and children (even those who have never skied before). Our instructors have extensive experience with both groups. The beginning of the lesson is the same for skiers and snowboarders: getting acquainted with the instructor and the environment of the ski school, checking the equipment and introductory theory. For "little skiers", the lesson is also realized in a playful way, taking into account their individual age. 
The lesson for adult skiers and snowboarders consists of steps that are similar to those for children's skiers. After an introductory acquaintance with the instructor, there is a description of the course and content of the lesson, warm-up and inspection of the equipment. According to the level and experience of the student, an introduction to the ride follows. Furthermore, the lesson takes place either on a gentle slope (getting acquainted with the slopes and lifts), or on a more demanding slope in the form of a separate ride under the professional supervision of an experienced instructor.
Therefore, when booking a lesson, please fill in your level nasledovne:
  • D - complete beginner 
  • C - beginner
  • B - advanced
  • A - master
First time
You are skiing or snowboarding for the first time. Or you've been standing on them so short you don't even remember. In this case, fill in the letter D in the form.
C - Beginner
Have you skied a few times? You felt good about it, but it was so long ago that you don't remember it? Don't you have the confidence you would like to have on your skis? In this case, fill in the letter C in our form. 
B - Advanced

You have mastered the basics and advanced skiing or snowboarding techniques. You like to improve your skills. You always like to learn something new. In that case, fill in the letter B in the form.

  • A - master - an experienced skier or snowboarder with the need for professional training and improvement of riding technique.

The end of the lesson

The last step of each lesson is to repeat what you have learned. If you are interested in a lesson for a child and it happens that you do not have time to come after the lesson, stay calm - we will take care of your child. In our children's corner there are various activities and attractions for the little ones. At the end of the lesson, everyone will receive a commemorative diploma. The little ones will receive a sweet reward from Brumík.

Ski school price list

Ski and snowboard school Slodičák SKISCHOOL in Ždiar, Skicentrum Strednica this year offers skiing lessons at the lowest prices in the region. Read the current price list and find out which of our offers suits you best. Contact us for a -10% discount from the first lesson.