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Ski school and Brumík Academy

See current photos from the ski school Slodičák Skischool in Ždiar. You will find us in the ski resort Ski centrum Strednica. For more information, please visit our Google profile.

Skicentrum Strednica, Ždiar

The family ski resort Ski centrum Strednica in Ždiar invites you to go skiing in the Belianske Tatras. Our ski school and snowboard school are located directly in the resort. You will find us at the top of the resort, next to the main car park, to the right of the restaurant building. 

Video Skicentrum Strednica 

Fasten your bindings and you're going for it! Our professional snowboarder Baša Števulová tried out the slopes for you at the Strednica Ski Center in Ždiar.

How it works

Get acquainted with the course of the lesson before you come to us. Each lesson consists of an introductory introduction, followed by a slope — familiarity with the terrain and conditions, equipment inspection, and level theory. Detailed descriptionHow it worksalso here...